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Firebars Canada, based in Ontario, has been around for nearly three decades and they have long been pioneers in the cannabis industry and played a pioneering part of cannabis legalization in Canada. They started out as a grassroots grower and producer, providing cannabis alternatives to Ontarians for over two decades. Over the years, Firebars reputation has grown over the years as a company that provides safe, delicious, and potent products. Their goal of quality has been a constant from day one.
The founders of Firebars Canada (also the founder of Firechews) started their cannabis journey recreationally as youngsters which started in the garden, planting their first flowers at the ripe age of 15 years old. What began as fun in the garden turned into light recreational use as teenagers but developed into a family business when a dear uncle fell ill with stage 3 bladder cancer. What started out as light fun dabbling in marijuana turned into an organization designed to help medical users. Because cannabis or marijuana was illegal at that time, consumption for their uncle was difficult, the founders of Firebars pursued the path of creating medical cannabis without having to smoke or inhale flowers. Their need for discreet medical cannabis consumption led to the creation of Firebars and Firechews edibles.
The founders of Firebars and Firechews Canada studied the history of medical use of cannabis as well as the science behind it. From ancient eastern medical books from China, to Indian Bhang cannabis recipes, ancient Roman literature, to Dr. John Russell Reynolds, the court physician who prescribed cannabis products to Queen Victoria of England. To recent studies published in top medical journals. Firebars founders maintain a strong relationship with the medical community as well as the holistic and alternative health community to stay on the pulse of medical innovation in cannabis.
When it comes to production of Firebars, quality is the number one goal. It starts with the cannabis plant. Firebars and Firechews Canada grow their own plants as well as have a close-knit grower community where they procure their raw materials, cannabis flowers. When it comes to choosing which flowers are used for Firebars chocolate, potency and quality is priority. All raw materials from both in-house grown flowers to suppliers’ flowers are tested and only the most potent in THC are chosen in order to produce the highest quality edibles. When it comes to other ingredients, like cacao beans, fruit, nuts, flavorings etc. numerous tests and Firebars’ rigorous quality control standards are utilized. When it comes to innovation and research and development, top food scientists are employed to get the flavors just right. Whether you consume Firebars for recreational purposes or as medicine, Firebars wants to ensure that you’re getting top quality that goes over and above industry standards.
Firebars THC infused chocolate comes in a number of mouthwatering options that range from classic flavors like orange milk chocolate to fun, nostalgic flavors like cookies & cream. All in a rich, chocolate bar that comes in three segments to portion off for your perfect dosage.
Within each Firebar chocolate pack is 140mg of THC (made with distillate) making for a delectable tasting and effective medical treat. For those who want to medicate, but don’t want to smoke or inhale marijuana, these delicious chocolate bars make medicating easy, delicious, and enjoyable.
THC distillate is a pure form of THC where the main active ingredient of cannabis is separated from the plant to create a concentrated extract. This allows us to create an accurately dosed bar with no cannabis smell or taste.
Here’s the list of all Firebars chocolate flavours:
Milk Chocolate (140 MG THC)
Firebars’ Milk Chocolate is the old school, creamy, rich, classic chocolate bar favorite with a cannabis twist.
Cookies and Cream (140 MG THC)
Firebars’ Cookies and Cream is a sweet combination of creamy, smooth white chocolate sweetness and crunchy chocolate cookies sprinkled throughout.
Milk Chocolate with Toffee Crumble (140 MG THC)
Firebars’ Milk Chocolate with Toffee is the irresistible pairing of rich and creamy milk chocolate with the golden, buttery crunch of toffee. Skor, eat your heart out.
Milk Chocolate with Cappuccino (140 MG THC)
Firebars’ loves the chocolate and coffee combination, one of the most heavenly pairings on earth with a creamy cappuccino spin. You can’t go wrong with this classic flavor, THC, with caffeine in a sweet chocolate bar, this sophisticated treat is a fan favorite.
Milk Chocolate with Orange (140 MG THC)
The magic of the chocolate and orange combination is in its contrast: the chocolate is rich, intense, and lush which is balanced by the fresh and tangy notes of fresh orange. A wonderfully nostalgic and elegant flavor that’s so popular over the holidays. Festive and delicious at any time of year.
Dark Chocolate Blueberry (140 MG THC)
Firebars was inspired but the bright blueberry flavour combined with an intensely flavoured dark chocolate bar. This was created for chocolate connoisseurs and dessert lovers, this flavor is sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings.
White Chocolate Banana Cream (140 MG THC)
Looking for a fun treat? Firebars created this bar based off one of our favourite creamy, dreamy desserts, the banana cream pie but upped it a notch. Sweet, vanilla, honeyed banana flavour enveloped with a base of rich, white chocolate. This chocolate bar will drive you B-A-N-A-N-A-S in a good way!
White Chocolate Berry Blast (140 MG THC)
Firebars creamy white chocolate combined with a little cereal crunch, topped with sweet and tart berry flavour. A classic combination for when you’re in the mood for a chocolate bar that screams summertime.
White Chocolate Pina Colada (140 MG THC)
Sunny, tropical, and sweet. Firebars nailed it with their pineapple, coconut, white chocolate bar. This chocolate bar infused with THC will transport you to a relaxing, beach chair to your own flavour paradise. Delicious and potent.

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