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Bruce Banner is a sativa-dominant (60/40) strain that is a potent, powerful force with, as you might expect, bright green leaves and big buds. But there is much more to Bruce Banner than its comic book name, a high THC content attracts a growing legion of fans making a Bruce Banner a popular choice at cannabis outlets, with many users claiming it is the best sativa on the market. If you would like to investigate just how incredible this stain is, it can easily be found at many online dispensaries.

The characteristic bright-green buds are sugar-coated with white trichomes and fiery orange pistils. Bruce Banner has a lineage that includes OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel and this is noticeable in its aroma which combines diesel with fruity, berry-like notes. It certainly comes through in a taste that is as sweet and fruity as berry-flavored candy

The effects of Bruce Banner have Hulkesque strength. THC content rises from 16% to 24% while CBD is around 1%. The high comes on quickly and sticks around for a long time. It is characterised as an energetic, cerebral-buzz that initiates creativity and aids sociability. Users of Bruce Banner report feeling uplifted, infected with a sense of vitality.

At the same time there is a heavy, calming body-high that dissipates feelings of stress or anxiety. Bruce Banner users report feeling alert but relaxed.

Bruce Banner has been used successfully to combat feelings of stress and discomfort. It is also reported that Bruce Banner can effectively assist the treatment of migraines, fatigue and chronic pain.

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Cheapweed + Bruce Banner

The variety of cannabis products on the market will never cease to amaze you. As the demand for cannabis is on the rise, both recreational and medicinal use, it is important to acknowledge MoM’s like and ganjaexpress who have ensured the safety of its clientele by maintaining rigorous standards of quality control and assurance.

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Even newer MoM’s such as Serene Farms do their part by adding in-depth and accurate information about each product, covering all stages, right from planting the seed to packaging the final product; they don’t gloss over any details in between either, as consumers need to be educated about the painstaking process. Another area of interest for these MoM’s is to get to know their customers better. is among a few other names, who have spent quite a lot of financial resources on customer relationship management software. It allows these MoM’s to know what their clients are buying and when they are rebuying or reordering on the website; this shows the time period it takes for the user to consume the products. These insights can be used to develop personalized promotions for every customer which will lead to a higher revenue. So, when you see your favorite strain on sale in an ad on a completely right before you need it, the dispensary knows it too and their promotion worked! More applications of these are already in place, as customers get rewarded for reviewing and reordering on the website. When customers engage and get involved with the business, it results in synergy.

Toronto, April 9, 2020, Serene Farms, and ganjaexpress are ecstatic to announce the availability of a new cannabis strain called Bruce Banner. Yes, you read that right. This flower shares its name with the Hulk’s alter-ego, the yin to the yang, a calm and collected multiple PhD-holding genius Bruce Banner, who can unleash hell upon whoever and whatever is in front of him when he gets angry. But he also exerts some control over himself, which is precisely why this strain is its namesake. advises to use it responsibly as it can include upwards of 30% of THC, which is the psychoactive substance in cannabis which results in intoxication; just a reminder that CBD is the nonintoxicating one. So, go ahead and cancel your plans before taking it, as its primary effects are euphoric and relaxing, which means that you’ll be having #showerthoughts for quite a while.

This flower is a hybrid sativa-dominant strain which provides the perfect balance that a cannabis user craves. Its smell is pungent and citrusy, quite similar to that of Sour Diesel, which surprisingly carries the opposite effects of Bruce Banner. Both however do a similar job of fighting anxiety and creating a peaceful environment for the user. would want the users to be aware that the effects of this strain are strong and instant, which is a further proof of its potency and effectiveness.

It’d be highly recommended for stressed out individuals to take this after a long and hard day at work. It is an afternoon strain which would calm them right down. Just take a hit of Bruce Banner and play that 24-hour lo-fi YouTube stream on your wireless sound system.

This particular strain had a lot of variants with the third one winning the Cannabis Cup in Denver several years ago. It was crossbred out of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, two stellar breeds in their own unique ways, which is a testament to the high level of its quality.

Why wait and let stress take over? Go over to or and order yourself some Bruce Banner and become the comicbook hero of your own life.

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1 OZ (28 grams), 2 OZ (56 grams), 3 OZ (84 grams), 4 OZ (112 grams)

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