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Serene Farms vs Weedsmart.ca

The legalization of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal uses has helped shape the industry and transformed the supply-chain of cannabis in Canada. The operation that used to be primarily hidden on rooftops or inside closets and illicit basement grow operations is now being done openly.

New MoM’s (Mail order marijuana) sites and online dispensaries are popping up every other day in Canada, one of the most well known ones is weedsmart.ca and BMWO as they stock a variety of products that are potent and effective for both recreational and medical cannabis users. The stigma on cannabis use is also on the decline, as people now seem to understand the widely shared benefits of cannabis, thanks to news and television interviews, studies, and general popularity with respected figures, from athletes to doctors to artists.

When offered a large selection to choose from, people often fall prey to the Netflix effect and cannot make wise decisions. The Netflix effect refers to the extreme variety of content and how users are often paralyzed by choice and making a selection of what they watch takes as long as actually watching a show. The same is the case with the cannabis industry, with there being a myriad of online dispensaries to choose from such as Serene Farms and BMWO, and no definitive answer to prove which dispensary is superior.

This new article linked below aims to settle that debate by conducting a comprehensive, thorough, and unbiased review. Firstly, newer dispensaries are not a part of this argument as their user base is not yet well-developed and thus cannot be compared to industry veterans at the time. Secondly, organizations like Weedsmart.ca and SereneFarms.ca have made a name for themselves because of the high-quality customer service they provide, and their unique features that set them apart from one another in various areas. Another purpose of the article is to highlight the bottlenecks and other issues cannabis consumers face when placing an order through these websites. The evaluations will consider criteria such as product range and variety, price, reliability, and shipping options among other factors essential and unique to cannabis itself.

Weedsmart.ca is often the first online dispensary or MoM (Mail Order Marijuana) site that comes to mind because of its stellar reputation and this review will examine and test the validity of its positive reviews. Run out of British Columbia, the online dispensary has garnered a lot of positive attention from consumers partly due to its simple and user-friendly design; consumers do not have to browse or search for their favorite products, as the top selling ones are displayed on the homepage. Furthermore, its efforts at supplying high-quality cannabis products discreetly, safely, and securely across a large country like Canada does earn them some positive points.

Weedsmart and Serene Farms both provide valuable insight on the various cannabis strains that it carries, educating the consumers about their marijuana and its effects. Their product range is quite vast and includes a wide range of flowers, edibles, and concentrates; the well-written descriptions can guide users to select the product that fits their needs best. The prices tend to be on the higher side, but regular promotions do help to soften the blow.

Weedsmart.ca has hit the nail on the head on promotions and retaining their customers through it. Every purchase earns its users some points, then there are more to grab when they leave a review of their products as well. Customer relationship management is an important aspect and has to be done right for customers. All in all, customers of this online dispensary seem happy with the service.

Serene Farms on the other hand, is a relatively newer online dispensary/MoM (Mail Order Marijuana) site and in-comparison has proven to be a worthy competitor to Weedsmart.ca. It offers a much simpler web-interface making the site a piece-of-cake even for beginners. It is important for ecommerce businesses to optimize the user experience, as leaving the website and choosing a competitor is as easy as swiping right on Tinder.

Nonetheless, this is where Serene Farms blow their competition out of the water. Their free shipping starts a $50 short of most competitors and while this may seem enough. Billy Mays is looking down at you from heaven with his golden catchphrase, “but wait there’s more”, because there is.

Serene Farms also offers a great variety of products not too different from Weedsmart.ca, but also throws in a 24-hour live customer support for customers. And not to skip over the promotional offers with limited-time coupon codes being sent to frequenters to slash the price down on their favorite products on a regular basis as well.

In comparison, both online dispensaries are doing a great job and it all comes down to personal preference. There are a lot of moving parts to an ecommerce business and although one might seem like a better choice, it might not be on the day you choose to order from them. Both businesses are doing their part towards normalizing use of cannabis which should be commended. Check out the entire article here.

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