How to Smoke Diamonds

Serene Farms now stock high quality cannabis Diamonds.  Cannabis Diamonds are available in five different varieties – Death Bubba, Pink Star, Kosher Kush, Pink and Amnesia Haze.   

Cannabis crystals or diamonds are unadulterated grains of concentrated THC.  They are created by a complex set of processes that slowly extract the active elements from cannabis plants and, eventually isolate them.  At the end of what is quite a lengthy process, what is left is a concentrated piece of almost undiluted THC-A.  

THC-A needs to be combusted in order to convert it into THC but when it is heated it produces an intense hit of pure THC.  Of course, such high levels of THC need to be handled carefully and are only for experienced cannabis users. However, many cannabis users find Diamonds are a great product for adding a turbo-charge of THC to their usual intake. 

Cannabis Diamonds are consumed in much the same manner as any other form of cannabis concentrate.  The tiny ‘gems’ may be placed on a dab rig, or heated in a vaporizer. The most popular manner of consuming is to dab tiny quantities, but it could also be mixed with vape juice or a terpene soup.    

Diamonds can also be consumed raw, particularly when ground down into dust.  The unconverted THC-A will not have psychoactive effects but THC-A is thought to offer health benefits.  

The complexity of the extraction process means that Diamonds do not come cheaply, but for the seasoned cannabis user they are a valuable tool for self-medication and an adaptable addition.  


What is Shatter? There are a growing range of cannabis extracts on the market but without doubt the most potent concentrates are Diamonds.  Diamonds are a crystallized form of extract that isolate the active molecules from cannabis plants to create a composed which is more than 99 percent pure THC-A. 

Diamonds are produced through a series of complex extraction processes that demand, not only specialised equipment, but also a level expert knowledge, and this is certainly reflected in the market value of Diamonds, as one session smoking Diamonds is unlikely to set you back less than $100.

In this isolated form, THC-A will not have any psychoactive effects if ingested.  To convert THC-A into THC requires combustion and Diamonds can be heated and inhaled in the same way as other extracts.  

When considering whether to use cannabis Diamonds the first step that is necessary is to adopt a very different mindset.  There is no useful way of consuming something of this strength neat and it would not be advisable to do so. It is not practical to consume Diamonds straight, instead, they  require a chaser. What you choose to add cannabis Diamonds to, depends very much on your personal preference. In general, much like other forms of concentrate, Diamonds are usually dabbed. 

Although consuming THC-A in its raw form without heating it will not produce any psychoactive effect, it is believed to have health benefits.  The therapeutic properties of THC, such as fighting inflammation, are still effective.   

Cannabis Diamonds are available to order now from the Serene Farms website. 

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