Sour Tangie

November 7, 2020by bmwoadmin

If you like citrus, you’d appreciate the Sour Tangie strain. It’s super smooth, tangy, with intense hints of lemon. It’s going to help trigger creativity and euphoria, and even laughter.  BMWO Sour Tangie has your back if you need any relaxation before a social gathering.


Sativa-dominant strains tend to fall into one of the categories; either they may leave you feeling exceptionally mentally motivated, with an increased mental capacity that seems to run for a mile a minute, or they go you with a kind, accepting feeling that’s up in your brain.

Therefore, the Sour Tangie strain, a Sativa-dominant combination with an indica of about 20 percent, can become so unique. Originally Sour Tangie was developed by mixing Sour Diesel with Tangie. Thanks to their brilliant ancestor, Sour Tangie has an entirely murderous THC level, which is an estimate of 21 percent.


When you first smoke this pungent sativa, you will suddenly witness a surge of euphoria, followed by an endless optimistic feeling that pulls out all the feelings of insecurity or problems in your life. And if enjoyment lasts, the euphoria flow will gradually transform to one of constructive intensity, giving you the desire to get up and begin to do something creative. This strain’s creative power is considerable and is ideal for visceral tasks such as painting, etc.


The smell of this Sativa strain is readily apparent; expect a strong scent of bitter lemon and an occasional tint of lime peels that can only get amazing as you open your buds.


Sour Tangie is an ideal strain for those who struggle from fatigue or distress because of its supreme emotional high, which minimizes all sorts of unpleasant feelings. In the end, this strain can be expected to treat pain and headaches mainly due to the high THC content that allows pain receptors to stop in the body.



This strain will help those dealing with exhaustion reestablish creativity in the mid-afternoon when BMWO Sour Tangie’s burning artistic and physical energy ensures that you won’t even consider falling asleep before the high is finished. With its incredibly diverse taste profile, which somehow blends the best parts of its parenthood and its imaginative, mellow and usually friendly attitude, this strain has been best shared with a group of mates or alone. If you are interested in trying this potent strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit, one of the leading online dispensary, and order now Sour Tangie and start enjoying its amazing effects.

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