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All the way from buy my weed online dispensary, the Banana hammock hash is an AAAAA grade Indica-dominant hybrid strain. Alongside its earthy aroma, it possesses a very sweet fruity flavor with a mixture of honey and sour lime. It calms your mind giving you a euphoric high with a soothing physical calm. This amazing hash is highly recommended for stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. If you are among the few individuals interested in trying out new cannabis products, this hash is the ideal choice for you.


The OG Kush kief hash is an Indica-dominant strain being offered by the very amazing buy my weed online dispensary. The banana Kush is very popularly known for being the most potent strain in store. Just as you smoke it, it starts to set in a very strong head and body high. With a feeling of euphoria, this strain makes you surrender your body to the couch and feel the bliss. This hash is the greatest choice for people who need fast and efficient treatment for chronic pain and anxiety.


Out of the premium quality hash that you will find on buy my weed online, the bubba Kush hash possesses a sweet yet earthy flavor with hints of pine you smoke it. It has a very terpene profile with vivid green and purple buds covered in amber hairs. This strain leaves you with a cerebral high and a powerful body high. It helps treat insomnia, depression, stress, and chronic pains.


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