The world of cannabis is wide and creative. You cannot just imagine how many cannabis products and forms there are. Have you ever tried shatters? It does look like the class but is pure cannabis extract crystals. You can get these highly creative crystals at Buymyweedonline. If you are wondering why they are known as shatter, it is because of their characteristic glass-like break when handled.

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Shatters are different cannabis strains that are turned into hash oil; these homey-like oils are then crystallized and turned into something like glass. Buymyweedonline is known for its creative productions when it comes to cannabis.

Wedding cake shatter

This beautiful shatter is 70% indica and 30%Saiva making it the best for medical use in pains, ache, insomnia, and, mainly, depression. This shatter has been used frequently by many cannabis lovers, and you can find them too at Buymyweedonline.

Pink bubba shatter

A cross of pink bubba and pink Kush a very heavy Indica dominant strain having only 10% Sativa. Having a very earthy aroma and flavor but has a hint of sweetness as well. Due to its powerful sedating effects, it is best used in the evenings.

Peanut butter breath shatter

A very balanced strain is making your neck and spine tingle. A delicacy of Buymyweedonline. There are potent effects on the cerebral and the body, giving you waves of creativity, euphoria, and happiness, and yes, ultimate relaxation. It might just turn you into a couch potato in the end. Best used for chronic pains, depression, anxiety, and stress.

Donkey breath shatter

Another couch locking strain in the form of a shatter. It does have a very skunky aroma of rotting pines and diesel. But it has a hint of sweetness in taste. It has potent effects on the mood having euphoric waves and happiness out bursting but then gives a very relaxing effect.


Finding good quality or top-shelf shatter is almost next to impossible. Do not experiment when it comes to cannabis products. Only trust the authentic online dispensaries because they only grow cannabis for medical needs.

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