Lemon Walker OG

CheapWeed.ca Lemon Walker OG is a Sativa hybrid that encourages and elevates satisfaction in nature with a THC value above average. This strain earned the first position at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup for Best Concentrate and is favored by several patients to regulate their clinical depression and extreme stress.

Lemon Walker OG is a powerful Combination, very popular for its fantastic impact. This strain is the descendant of the strains Skywalker and Skywalker OG and a Lemon strain, which are most widely recognized as Lemon Skunk or Lemon Pie.

This strain is very energizing but still extremely uplifting, and it can also make you feel comfortable, though it is a Sativa and will keep you alert and concentrated. Lemon Walker OG has to look a little likes a lemon pastry, but it’s certainly tastier than the other typical combination.


Lemon Walker OG is a super cortical strain renowned for its numerous good impacts on the body and mind. Due to its special and ideal combination of effects and its sweet and potent scent and taste, the bud has developed a strong fan following.

Since this strain is a Sativa-dominant strain, it is a perfect way to battle every day Anxiety. Without getting drained, Lemon Walker OG will help you feel less hurt. You will remain in an uplifted state of mind for a long time, and it will boost your attitude, and you feel the positive energy around you.

Lemon Walker OG is perfect for making you feel pleasant; even though you start the day full of worries, you can’t avoid his strength and good positive impact.


Lemon Walker OG is very fragrant, with a powerful and unique mixture of vanilla and lemon that dominates more. The bud is frequently identified on the most beautiful herbal strains with traces of lemon and orange and a clean and consistent appearance overall.

Lemon Walker OG is enticing, and after you have tried it, you will always want more. This strain looked like lime and pineapple, with an orange and vanilla splash. On the exhalation, you always get a sense of its overall creamy, soft, and nutty taste.


Lemon Walker OG is a good healer; that is why it is very popular in medical users. This Sativa mixture is generally indicated for the management of extreme clinical depression since it can be extremely regenerating.

The daily use of this potent and amazing strain will help patients who struggle with persistent and challenging stress control. This Sativa mixture can also be used as a regular strain and is suitable for anyone who leads active lives and have to keep centered and vigilant all day despite being medicated.


CheapWeed.ca Lemon Walker OG has assisted numerous people with persistent depression. If you are interested in trying this strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit Ganjaexpress.to, one of the best online dispensary, and order now Lemon Walker OG and start enjoying its excellent results.

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