Cheeba’s Bubble Hash Makes the Best Cannabutter

The significant difference between other cannabis concentrates and bubble hash is it does not contain any solvents. With high concentrations of terpenes, bubble hash interacts with your body to lessen the pain and calms you down. Cheebas bubble hash is pure, comes from sufficient microns, and is free from all kinds of plant impurities and other pollutants; making cannabutter with bubble hash is a great way to add THC to your favorite recipe/meal that calls for butter.

Hash is one of the most exciting ways to consume cannabis. This old school concentrate offers elated and potent highs that are matchless by other methods of consuming the herb. Hash doesn’t just need to be vaped or smoked. It can also be used to make tasty and healthy edibles. A quick and easy product to assemble, hash butter, gives cannabis lovers a great deal of freedom when infusing it into food. Cheebas bubble hash makes effective and simple cannabutter that is an easy way to bring a psychoactive kick to your favorite meals and dishes. You can also use this butter to infuse anything from brownies and cakes to sandwiches and curries.

Let’s get started;


2 oz / 4 tablespoon coconut oil or organic butter

1 gram organic bubble hash from Cheebas (decarboxylated)


1 tsp Italian herbs


First things first, measure 4 cups of water and put it over medium heat. While the water is heating up, crumble your hash as much as you can. This dissolves easily and speeds up the mixing process.


Place your butter into the hot but not boiling water and allow it to melt into the water without letting the mixture boil. Use a whisk or a spoon to stir the mixture and help butter dissolve.


Once the butter is entirely dissolved, add the crumbled hash. Set the heat to low and stir it well into the mixture. Let the mixture simmer for a minimum of 30 minutes until the contents turn into dark brown/green color. The longer you simmer, the more potent your butter will become. Simmering for 1-4 hours will create a highly psychoactive butter.


After 30 minutes or more, stop simmering the mixture and pour it into a heat-proof container. Place the box into the fridge for a few hours until it is completely solidified.

NOTE: During this cooling process, the water and cannabinoid-infused fat will separate. Drain off the water and put the butter back into the fridge until you decide to cook with it.

For best results- Order pure and finest hash from Cheebas. You can use this cannabutter in a variety of other ways. Add to toast or top it on pancakes. Warm-up your winter days with steaming mugs of hot buttered rum topped with cannabutter by a cozy fireplace.

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