Can Microdosing build up a tolerance to mushrooms?

The only issue with recreational drugs is the problem of tolerance. However, many other pain medications and sedatives have tolerance issues as well. While it is not fully understood but mushrooms have a very early tolerance build-up; when it comes to recreational drugs, Distillate Direct are always available to help. The online dispensary Distillate Direct understands the problem at hand, and there for the process of Microdosing mushrooms has been shown to resist tolerance build-up.












What is Tolerance Build-up?

It is usually seen with individuals consuming alcohol or even opioid; when they start taking the same dose every day after a certain point, more concentration is needed to make them feel like they did on day one. That is because; over time body starts to adjust to it and releases enzymes to neutralize the effect.  Similarly, Mushrooms from Distillate Direct are very quick in building tolerance. Regular users use the dose thrice each time they want the same effect.

Microdosing Delays Tolerance

The issue with mushrooms was their hallucinations and early tolerance. The technique of Microdosing was first addressed as helpful for mental health disturbances and chronic pain by eliminating the hallucinations and bodily highs.

Usually, Microdosing mushrooms are used either in a 5-day cycle or a 3-day cycle. In a five-day cycle, there are 5 pulse doses of 1.0 -1.5g, and after that, a maintenance dose every 5 days. While the three-day cycle is rather simple, you will be taking a dose every fourth day, which helps in delaying or eliminating tolerance entirely.

Calculating your dose

It is important to calculate your dose before starting your desired cycle. It requires your age and precious drug history because LSD and other similar drugs can cause cross-tolerance. Once the dose is Calculated for you, you can start with a burst dose of 2.0g or higher on your first day and then a pulse dose every 5 days.


With Microdosing mushrooms, tolerance build-up is unlikely. But if your start taking higher doses without a schedule, there will be a tolerance build-up. Distillate Direct, the best online dispensary, always offers the best quality mushrooms deals to their customers, so go there and get the best deals.






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