Are you taken over by depression and anxiety due to everyday affairs and work? You need not worry anymore. In this era where everything has become so depressing and negatively impacts your mental health, Distillate direct  is here to save you. It has a range of marijuana strains for you to help you deal with anxiety and depression issues. For your ease, these best ones are listed down.

Must try these distillate direct strains for anxiety and depression

Ambrosia (AAAA)

Available at Distillate direct, Ambrosia is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain. It possesses a fruity pineapple and floral flavor with piney notes accompanied by a pretty sweet and tropical fragrance. Upon smoking, this delicious sweet strain will leave you with a cerebral buzz followed up by waves of relaxation and relief. Ambrosia is known for treating anxiety, ADHD, tension headaches, and also migraines.

M.A.C. #2 (AAAA)

This strain from Distillate direct is a hybrid marijuana strain with a balanced Indica to Sativa ratio. Also termed as ‘Miracle Alien Cookies’ or ‘Miracle cookies,’ this strain has a very sweet fruity and citrusy flavor like that of an orange. Moreover, it has a floral and earthy aroma with sweet undertones. M.A.C can help to treat depression, anxiety, and stress.

Pink OG (AAA)

The Pink OG strain is a highly Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a 90:10 Indica to Sativa ratio. As for the taste, it has a sweet earthy floral taste with a blend of diesel and herbs. It is known for leaving you in a body high with strong waves of euphoric relaxation and an uplifted mood with a rush of happiness. This Pink OG strain from distillate direct can help treat depression, anxiety, lack of appetite, and stress.


Anxiety and depression can get to the worst if you keep ignoring them and don’t figure out a way to help with them. These Distillate direct strains are the most convenient way to ease your depression and anxiety. Especially if you are a cannabis lover, this is your cure for both these mental issues.

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