Four Things You Should Avoid While Vaping.

When it comes to Vaping, there are many good things about it, but they do need little alertness and vigilance. Unlike burning weed, Vape is a moister and has a mellow buzz. Online dispensaries like Doob Dasher offer both types of weed for both opposing parties of Vaping vs. Burning weed because it is about personal choice, and it should be like that.

Things to Avoid While Vaping

Vaping has a very mellow buzz and is not at all dry and sharp as the burning weed technique, but it still needs some rules to follow and use. Here are some things to avoid when Vaping because it can ruin your entire experience. While the most important is to not shame the newbie’s for trying to use Vaping or switch from burning weed, as it is tough to change opinions when it comes to Vaping vs. Burning weed.

  1. Same Flavor

Try to avoid using the same flavor for Vaping for a longer time; keep changing the flavors, or you might get the vapors’ tongue. Yes, that is a real thing, and you can lose the taste of the specific flavor. Try changing the flavor tanks quickly, so you do not get the vaper’s tongue. Get more information on vaporizers at Doob Dasher

  1. The Coil

The Vape coil helps keep the temperature maintained and heats the weed; if the coil is not properly cleaned when changing the flavor, you may have a mix of different flavors, known as the ghost flavor.

  1. Let it sit

Please avoid using your Vape right away after refilling the tank, as it takes time for the coil to be fully coated and affiliated with the liquid. Inhaling such an unprimed coil gives you a dry hit that goes directly to your lungs; trust me, you do not want to have that experience ever.

  1. Nicotine

Weed is therapeutic; do not ruin that by adding more nicotine; lower the use of nicotine and avoid liquids with nicotine in them. Get the best alternative for nicotine at Doob Dasher


The option of Vaping vs. burning weed is an open-ended one; while burning weed has been around for centuries, the technique of Vaping is fairly new and still needs some learning. Get all the best vaporizers at Doob Dasher

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