Panama Red

Although the land strains are the building blocks of modern forms of cannabis, DoobDasher provide a special experience. Sadly, only a couple of people will claim that they once enjoy a pure landrace weed.


Nowadays, there is no doubt that many cannabis users choose the latest variations due to their spectacular intensity and overwhelming impact. For this effect, certain landraces have lost their fame over the years.

This is the tale of the Panama Red strain. This pure Sativa strain once was one of the most common cannabis species of its time. Eventually, owing to some factors, the strain lost its appeal and never achieved the amount of success it once had.

As its name means, Panama Red is a Panamanian strain. From the late 1960s until 1990s, this Central American weed became popular among cannabis consumers because of its traditional Sativa effects. Panama Red is renowned for its long flowering cycle, modest yield and slightly lowers levels of THC. While these features are not inherently unfavorable at that point, but now these are now seen as some of the main weaknesses of any form of cannabis. That is why this strain is now rarely found in dispensaries.


Panama Red strain is still known as a lovely strain among new and experienced users.

Panama Red strain has a lower THC content of up to 16 percent; both forms of consumers will enjoy the strain without the fear of overwhelming results. Panama Red produces and boasts a series of cerebral high.

The strain delivers a mellow yet distinctly cheerful and euphoric start that can maximize the energy of the consumer and at the same time motivate creative thought. Many users may have defined its overall psychedelic patterns as swift and intense.

Thanks to its energetic high, it is a perfect alternative for group meetings or any task involving active social behavior.


Panama Red provides an unusual blend of earthy and fruity fragrances. The cumulative scent of the strain can be linked to a pungent smell of soil with faint traces of the fruity citrus grapefruit aroma. Users obtain a tasty blend of flavours, which can be described as herbal and spicy, with interesting notes of tropical fruits that remind of grapefruit’s sweet and citrus flavour.


Thanks to the impressively elevated properties of Panama Red from DoobDasher, it is very common for stress management and also helps certain patients fight depressive symptoms. Many reports suggest that ADHD patients and other mood disorders can also benefit from this Strain.


In addition, this strain can also benefit patients with exhaustion and is also very common in offering immediate relief of moderate pain caused by simple headaches and migraines. If you are interested in trying this strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit, one of the best online dispensary and order now this amazing landrace red Panama strain and start enjoying its amazing results

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