Though Cannabis is a natural and healthy alternative to allopathic medicines, the only downside that it has, which leads to its lesser use, is its use, which is either through inhalation, vaporization and even addiction to cigarettes. But thanks to Doob Dasher, now you do not have to harm your lungs because there are other ways to consume cannabis.

Doob dasher

Cannabis Products

The natural cannabis products are mainly two, CBD and THC, which have other medicinal components to it as well. Cannabis from Doob Dasher is the extract that is extracted from marijuana. Hashish is the rawest form of consuming Cannabis and its different strains;

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrids

But along with the raw form of cannabis came different impurities, which cannot be removed when CBD and THC concentrates are extracted.

Ingesting Cannabis Products

It has come to attention that eating cannabis can have more efficient and potent effects than smoking it. Therefore pot brownies were so popular back in the days, but now there are more things added to the list by Doob Dasher.

Cannabis snacks

When you ingest any form of cannabis, it stays in your system far longer than when you inhale it. For that reason, there are plenty of different traits that have different components of Cannabis incorporated into; these snacks are divided as CBD treats and THC treats.

  1. Chocolate

THC is somewhat more enjoyed in chocolate than CBD, but some dark chocolate treats also have CBD in them; they are dosed per piece and have longer potent effects.

  1. Gummies

Gummies are very useful when it comes to dosage control. THC and CBD are both effective but with proper dosing. Having plenty of flavours and different dosing, these little treats go a long way.

  1. Brownies

Pot brownies have always been a favourite. Having a big brownie on the shelf goes far away. These brownies are chocolate, vanilla, and even with sprinkles.


The Doob Dasher is known for its amazing edible cannabis menu. These treats are critically dosed and are made for medical purposes, especially for chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.


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