What Is Live Budder and How Do You Smoke It?

There are different types of extraction methods when it comes to high-cannabinoids full spectrum extracts. However, the online dispensary Doob Dasher offers a variety of strains and forms of these HCFSE Extracts & Budder for medicinal use only. While it has a very high psychoactive profile, it should be taken with proper research and proper dosage. Get informed on the different types of extracts at Doob Dasher

Story of Live Budder

Budder from Doob Dasher is a type of extract that collects a high profile of cannabinoids and over 80% of THC along with terpenes. The extract is buttery and waxy in texture but is smooth as well, as compared to live sugar, and live shatter, all of these different consistencies are made from live resin.

  1. The live Budder is amber-colored and is extracted from frozen plants. After the extraction is complete, the latter is whipped, making a buttery smooth compound. But it is drier than live sugar.
  2. The live sugar is like a bowl of brown sugar; it is made similarly from dried plants but has a sticky and more crystallized THC component.
  3. When it comes to living to shatter, it is also a by-product of live resin; it is hard and darker amber and is resinous like hardened sap. These are all similar products of HCFSE Extracts & Budder.

How to Use Live Budder

If you spoon it, you might feel like scooping butter, but it will crumble; though there are many applicable techniques, the most commonly used are smoking the concentrates or dabbing, known as a dab rig or twaxing.

You can order yourself a Budder dab setup for clean dabs and proper dosing, but you can also make yours by heating the Budder as you would in a bong. Just heat the Budder with a light flame, inhale the live THC being released, and enjoy.

As the THC levels in Budder are already very high and will take effect almost immediately, there is no need of holding it in your lungs.


Recreational drugs such as Full spectrum extracts of High-cannabinoids full-spectrum extracts are extracts from the same plant but with different potencies and consistencies, classified as HCFSE Extracts & Budder. For all the best extracts, visit Doob Dasher

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