What is Live Resin?

With any natural product the producer is faced with the problem of harvesting, preserving, treating and packaging it, so that the product can be brought to the market in a convenient, non-degraded form.  Furthermore, this refining process should aim not to negatively affect the product so that it destroys the very attributes that make it something consumers value. Inevitably, there must always be a trade-off between practical considerations and the ability to maintain quality.  

This is certainly the case when considering the set of steps that separate the average cannabis consumer from the growing plant.  The many intermediary stages between harvesting and consumption could very well play a part in degrading the quality of the natural product to the extent that what you finally consume may just be a pale imitation of what it was.  

In the case of cannabis, this erosion of the plant’s special properties is perhaps most pronounced in the loss of  the much sought-after flavors and aromas. Many cannabis extraction methods consistently diminish these elements so effectively and so rigorously that many consumers may actually be no longer familiar with the actual “essence” the plant once carried.

Such a situation inevitably brings us to the question of how the flavors and aromas from a living cannabis plant can be delivered intact to the cannabis consumer?  The answer, it turns out, may be to use Live Resin concentrates.  

Usually, the buds of cannabis flowers are dried and cured before being ready to be used by consumers.  However, with Live Resin oil is extracted from fresh, frozen whole cannabis flowers. Taking oil from the fresh plants enables producers to preserve the special aromas of cannabis plants that are normally lost in the traditional curing process. 

In chemical terms, preserving the aroma of the flowers means that live resin keeps the high terpene content of cannabis plants intact.  Lab tests confirm that Live Resin does indeed contain more “fresh plant” terpene profile than the usual cured-bud extractions.  

Much of the research has focussed on monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes.  As the name suggests, monoterpenes are smaller, lighter terpenes and include myrcene, limonene, terpinolene and linalool, which many cannabis users may be familiar with as they create some of the most sought after floral aromas.    Sesquiterpenes, on the other hand, are heavier and include caryophyllene and humulene, which create the characteristic musky undertones of some cannabis strains. 

When producing cured concentrates, cannabis plants are cut then hung to dry for what can often be quite a long time, in order to remove moisture and chlorophyll from the plant.  Once thoroughly dry, the extraction process can begin. It is at this stage that the trichomes are degraded through an exposure to too much heat, oxygen or physical stress.

Studies demonstrate that the curing process may result in the loss of up to 55 % of terpenes.  Moreover, the essential oil of fresh cannabis contains greater amounts of monoterpenes than cured plants.  This is due to the propensity of the smaller monoterpenes to evaporate more rapidly when cured, leaving the terpene profile to be markedly balanced in favor of sesquiterpenes.  

Live Resin is produced by firstly ‘flash freezing’ the freshly cut cannabis.  Throughout the whole of the extraction process the cannabis plants are kept at temperatures below zero.  This enables the preservation of the original terpene profile and, by extension maintains the original flavor and fragrance of the cut plant.  

Results of the testing confirmed that Live Resin is about 2 % richer in monoterpenes than resin created the traditional way.   These results are not just scientifically interesting, these contrasting terpene profiles give quantifiable support to the belief that Live Resin has a mush fresher and lighter flavor.  

This method of extraction originated around eight years ago in Colorado.  The introduction of Live Resin to the cannabis concentrate marketplace has had an almost revolutionary effect.  It was clear, almost right away that the developers of Live Resin could produce concentrates brimming with exceedingly high terpene levels compared to traditional curing methods.  The key to extracting cannabis in this manner is to develop a specific BHO extractor that is able to operate at the extremely low temperatures necessary for Live Resin.  

The stronger and more complex terpene profile of Live Resin is immediately apparent.  Firstly, this can be noticed in the pungency of the aroma. Secondly, the way that terpenes interact with the cannabinoids, THC and CBD, creates a more pronounced high.  Understandably, these advantages have caused demand for Live Resin to rapidly increase. Live Resin now sells for a much higher premium than more traditionally produced concentrates.  

When considering the advantages of Live Resin it should be remembered that not all extraction processes are the same.  Just because a product claims to be Live Resin does not necessarily mean it goes through a rigorous high-quality production process.  Of course, it is possible to produce inferior Live Resin as much as traditionally-made concentrates.  

Furthermore, the quality of Live Resin depends on the quality of the raw product.  No matter how good and innovative the extraction process is, it cannot improve the quality of a substandard cannabis plant.  

Variations occur in part due to the fact that some extraction processes fail to capture these terpenes. However, this is also largely influenced by the terpene profile of the starting material being used. A concentrate, no matter how it has been extracted, is only as potent and palatable as the cannabis plant (including which parts) it came from. Extracts utilizing the whole plant can often have a more complex profile of terpenes than those utilizing only the fresh frozen flowers.

Many of the variations in the quality Live Resin are attributable to variations in the strain used.  An extraction process will be unable to improve the potency of a non-potent strain of cannabis. Especially important is that using the whole plant to produce Live Resin has much better results than using only buds.  

It is likely, however, that Live Resin is going to become an important part of the cannabis market.  Not so long ago it was an expensive rarity, but as extraction techniques spread and become more efficient, the product is becoming more plentiful and the price is coming down.

What is Shatter?

Serene Farms now stock high-quality Shatter produced by market-leaders, Gold-Leaf Standard.  Four varieties of Shatter – Violator, Bubba, Pink Kush and Gelato – can now be ordered directly from the Serene Farms website.   

The range and quality of cannabis-derived products is rapidly expanding and, increasingly, consumers are looking to concentrate to meet their demands.  There are a variety of concentrates available, such as resin, dabs, errl, wax, cannabis oil and shatter. All of these products are made by removing the base plant matter, to isolate high concentrations of the active ingredients. When solidified for consumption, Shatter usually resembles a gold glass. 

Due to this refinement process, cannabis concentrate can contain more than 80% THC. 

The downside to this considerable up, is that the extraction process tends to degrade the terpene profile of the cannabis plant.  As a result, consumers may notice a less intense aroma and flavor. To mediate this, manufacturers often attempt to use bud strains with exceptionally high terpene content. 

Overall, Shatter is a product that suits users who demand a very high potency and are willing to sacrifice the enjoyable flavour of other cannabis products.  Serene Farms now offer their customers the opportunity to purchase four great Shatter products directly from their website.

Toronto, March 5, 2020

What is Shatter? Shatter is produced by using a solvent, such as butane, to extract the cannabinoid and terpenoid molecules from shake leaves and flower buds. Once the crystals are fully extracted from the plant matter, the butane chemicals are filtered out. This leaves a caramel-like substance which solidifies into a glass.  This clear, brittle substance is desne with active ingredients and can be easily broken down into small sections for consumption.

These small pieces of Shatter can be consumed in a variety of ways, including vape pens, rigs or bongs. Over recent years the battery-operated vaporizer has become the most common way to consume Shatter.  All these devices heat Shatter to a very high temperature and instantly vaporize the concentrate so that it can be inhaled into the lungs.

Due to the considerable potency of Shatter and its method of production, it is very important that it has been produced to high standards of safety.  Butane is a dangerous chemical and inhaling and remaining residue can be harmful.   

Research has shown that more than 30% of regular cannabis users consume some type of concentrate.  It seems the majority of Shatter users are taking it for recreational purposes. Shatter is also an appropriate choice for treating medical conditions, such as sleep disorders, physical pain, anxiety, PTSD and other ailments. 

Serene Farms are pleased to stock four varieties of high-quality Shatter.  Violator, Bubba, Pink Kush and Gelato – can now be ordered directly from the Serene Farms website. 

How to Smoke Diamonds

Serene Farms now stock high quality cannabis Diamonds oppose to Ganja Express.  Cannabis Diamonds are available in five different varieties – Death Bubba, Pink Star, Kosher Kush, Pink and Amnesia Haze.   

Cannabis crystals or diamonds are unadulterated grains of concentrated THC.  They are created by a complex set of processes that slowly extract the active elements from cannabis plants and, eventually isolate them.  At the end of what is quite a lengthy process, what is left is a concentrated piece of almost undiluted THC-A.  

THC-A needs to be combusted in order to convert it into THC but when it is heated it produces an intense hit of pure THC.  Of course, such high levels of THC need to be handled carefully and are only for experienced cannabis users. However, many cannabis users find Diamonds are a great product for adding a turbo-charge of THC to their usual intake. 

Cannabis Diamonds are consumed in much the same manner as any other form of cannabis concentrate.  The tiny ‘gems’ may be placed on a dab rig, or heated in a vaporizer. The most popular manner of consuming is to dab tiny quantities, but it could also be mixed with vape juice or a terpene soup.    

Diamonds can also be consumed raw, particularly when ground down into dust.  The unconverted THC-A will not have psychoactive effects but THC-A is thought to offer health benefits.  

The complexity of the extraction process means that Diamonds do not come cheaply, but for the seasoned cannabis user they are a valuable tool for self-medication and an adaptable addition.  

Toronto, March 07, 2020

There are a growing range of cannabis extracts on the market but without doubt the most potent concentrates are Diamonds.  Diamonds are a crystallized form of extract that isolate the active molecules from cannabis plants to create a composed which is more than 99 percent pure THC-A. 

Diamonds are produced through a series of complex extraction processes that demand, not only specialized equipment, but also a level expert knowledge, and this is certainly reflected in the market value of Diamonds, as one session smoking Diamonds is unlikely to set you back less than $100.

In this isolated form, THC-A will not have any psychoactive effects if ingested.  To convert THC-A into THC requires combustion and Diamonds can be heated and inhaled in the same way as other extracts.  

When considering whether to use cannabis Diamonds the first step that is necessary is to adopt a very different mindset.  There is no useful way of consuming something of this strength neat and it would not be advisable to do so. It is not practical to consume Diamonds straight, instead, they  require a chaser. What you choose to add cannabis Diamonds to, depends very much on your personal preference. In general, much like other forms of concentrate, Diamonds are usually dabbed. 

Although consuming THC-A in its raw form without heating it will not produce any psychoactive effect, it is believed to have health benefits.  The therapeutic properties of THC, such as fighting inflammation, are still effective.   

Cannabis Diamonds are available to order now from the Serene Farms website, rather than going to Ganja Express

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