Tired and stressed out with your monotonous lifestyle? Here is a chance Ganja express  gives you to unwind and relax through its variety of strains pertaining to your lifestyle. The best thing about the strains Ganja express provides is that they are carefully crossed over and curate as per varying lifestyles and need, thus catering to health in all ways.

Rolex OG Kush

Ganja express offers the Rolex OG Kush, which is a hybrid crossover of the strains Kucho and White Fire OG. It is known for having energizing and uplifting effects initially, which may be borderline psychedelic, leading to eventually a buzz that is relaxing for the body, easing muscle tension, and helping with unwinding. Due to its complex composition, the flavor results in a hint of the OG Kush flavor, being pine and skunky, added with a strong undertone that is cheesy in flavor.

4- Ganjaexpress best cannabis strains for relaxing and unwinding

White King Kush

The White King Kush is a crossover of the Grape and OG Kush. The aim behind Ganja express providing this strain is that it helps in relaxing along with providing a euphoric experience and even helps with insomnia. With an undertone of lavender, the flavor profile is mainly a tangy grape one.

Purple Tuna Kush

This strain is considered among the most potent Ganja express. The unique flavor it has consists of sweetness mixed with a skunk, resulting in a very pungent smell as well. The effects are euphoric, energizing, and stimulate imaginative thoughts. Here is your go-to strain if you are looking forward to a temporary detachment from the exhaustive routine.

Pink Death Star

The Pink Death Star has an aroma of spices that smells like cardamom, ginger and fennel combined. It is known to have sedating and mellowing effects and therefore is best to be incorporated in the latter half of your day. This can also be used for dealing with insomnia.


It is time to let go of your daily life-draining you and finding the energy amid all the mundanely days. A single good addition to your lifestyle can not only relieve you of stress but add to your productivity as well.

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