Psylopsybin Effects: – Magic Mushrooms & How They Can Help

If you are looking for recreational drugs, there might be a chance not many suits you and the effect are determined by your personality and your mindset. The online dispensary Ganja Express offers a variety of recreational drugs in many forms of marijuana and magic mushrooms; for many users, the magic mushrooms work best as the psilocybin effects is long-lasting and highly potent.

Magic mushrooms, shrooms, or hallucinogenic fungi are all the same thing but are seen in different forms and can be divided into different doses, usually crushed into a fine powder.

Molecular Psilocybin Effect

Mushrooms are being used in many medical conditions and have been around for centuries; they are known for their powerful hallucinogenic effect, which is both visual and auditory. The magic mushrooms regulate serotonin in the brain, restoring different imbalances; these psilocybins from Ganja Express create new neuronal pathways in the brain, which triggers neuronal recovery and healing.

The molecular effect of these mushrooms is still not understood but has been found to activate serotoninA2 receptors in the brain. On a molecular level, according to Ganja Express these mushrooms are shown to;

  1. Neuroplasticity
  2. Neuronal recovery
  3. Slow down the firing of nerves
  4. Regulate serotonin
  5. Increase resistance of cells to injury and high blood sugar
  6. Decrease plaque formation in arteries

Symptomatic treatment

With little understanding of how the mushrooms execute their psilocybin effects, but in researchers and clinical trials, these mushrooms have been showing many positive and guaranteed effects for many medical conditions. The first and most common use of these mushrooms is for chronic pain; they can increase the pain threshold and help cope with pain management better. As it recovers the nerves and cells, it also helps decrease the painful stimuli. The other conditions treated with these psilocybins are;

  1. Reducing the complications associated with diabetes.
  2. Decreases the symptoms and painful episodes of arthritis.
  3. It helps in delaying and also treating Atherosclerosis
  4. It has been used in mental health conditions such as reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and even post-traumatic depression.


Mushrooms have many benefits, but a pure psilocybin effects is quite different from other recreational drugs. Get all the best psilocybin products at Ganja Express

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