The online dispensaries in Canada, such as Ganja Express, are offering and cultivating marijuana for different medical conditions; they do not just invest in the flower but also make different edible, topical, and inhalable weed products for its therapeutic effect. Keeping in mind that there are pros and cons to both Edibles vs. smoking weed, the edibles have become the new favorites and the best sellers for different medical conditions.

The World of Edible Weed

When it comes to Edibles vs. smoking weed, the world of edible weed is never-ending flavors and goodies. It is like you can infuse weed into anything and enjoy it. For the same reason, here are some edibles that you can look into and enjoy while you have a long good high.

To start with edible weed, you should know what taste you prefer; it can be sweet in candy or fruity also, acquaint yourself with the therapeutics as it can have cross medication side effects and tolerance buildup. You can find the best edibles at Ganja Express

  1. Gummies

One of the most simple and best ways to experiment with THC, the gummies is easily available on the market and from online dispensaries such as Ganja Express. These gummies can be injected with the extract you make, dosing them yourself or pre-dosed from a dispensary.

These are available in different fruity and candied flavors for all weed users to savor.

  1. Baked

Pot cookies, hash brownies, and many more baked items with different fruity fillings are now available with different strains and isolates for baked good lovers and help with munchies.

  1. Chocolates

There are many chocolate lovers out there who would love to have the sweet and sticky chocolate infused with their weed. The bars are available as milk chocolates, dark chocolates, and even center-filled chocolates.

  1. Drinkables

Weed can be easily infused with different drinks, but you cannot substance use with it. Different fruit juices can have weed tincture or oil mixed with them for having to ingest it easily.


The weed is infused into a number of different goodies for better taste, longer effects, and reduced adverse effects. These edibles are either dosed with the entire strain or the isolates for a limited effect. For all the best edibles and strains, visit Ganja Express

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