Vaporizer Cleaning and Maintenance: 4 Things to Know

When it comes to Vape, the experience is amazing. The older techniques of burning weed are way in the past, but many users still like to burn their weed; that is why there is an underground battle of Vaping vs. Burning weed, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that makes a clear conclusion by online dispensaries like Ganja Express, that there is no right or wrong just personal opinions.

Maintain Your Vape

When it comes to weed, the technique is simple and works like a charm, but when it comes to Vaping vs. Burning weed, Vape is an electronic device and needs to maintain for daily use and better experiences. Here are a few things every Vape owner should know according to Ganja Express

  1. Clean up the tank

The first rule of all vapes is that when the liquid is being changed, the tank should be thoroughly cleaned because if the tank is not fully cleaned, you can mix it with other liquids and experience a bad flavor or have a similar flavor for a long time.

  1. The coil

When the tank is being cleaned, you have to clean the coil; ask well; this includes the coil as well the coil has been cleaned from all the rust and other liquid. If the liquid is not fully removed from the coil, it can cause ghost flavoring. Another issue with the coil is to let it prime before using, or else it can give you dry hits.

  1. Keep it airtight

All liquids of the Vape should be closed tightly and checked for any spills; the same goes for the Vape; after filling, it should be checked for any air spaces or bubbles because air can compromise its potency and taste. Therefore it should be kept in closed areas such as drawers.

  1. The Mod

Once you are done with your Vape for the day or need to be kept aside for a longer time, detach the mod from the Vape, or it can compromise the taste and potency. Get the best vape mod for weed at Ganja Express


Vaping, Vaping vs. Burning weed can be a treat if done right. There are many flavors and other perks of Vaping, but it still needs maintenance. If the Vape is not maintained, it can reduce the life and also ruin the experience. If you want to experience some excellent strains, you should go to Ganja Express right now. Here you can get the greatest strains at a fair price.

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