Wedding Crasher

Unlike its name, Ganja Express Wedding Crasher strain doesn’t make you want to ruin relationships, only crash on a cushion. It’s going to make you relax, and it’s going to have a comfortable, brain-rich feeling that will medicate you in no time. It has a delicious flavor of grapes and vanilla that any customer of cannabis loves to explore again and again.


Someone who needs a long-lasting and energetic high can only look at the Wedding Crasher. Wedding Crasher’s high effect can hold you inspired by hours and make you “mega relax.” Wedding Crasher’s THC rate can reach up to 23 percent, making it the best choice for a long-lasting high. In addition, the spirit of fresh energy offers you a social feeling and allows it the ideal cure for long days with your mates.

Ganja Express strain of Wedding Crasher is a mixture of Wedding Cake and Rainbow Punch. It is a 70/30 combination that is good and fit for everyday use. High amounts of THC make up a bone-deep pulse perfect for exhaustion, tension, lack of appetite, mood swings, and anxiety relief. It is also ideal for treating fear and body aches.


Wedding Crasher’s Effects step in instantly, giving his amazing head high in a matter of minutes. The high contains an invigorating mental buzz from the outset, with a subtle feeling of isolation combined with the euphoric high. The end effect is a lovely high that makes you feel optimistic and friendly. Wedding Crasher is the ideal combination of relaxation and excitement. In the meanwhile, the high muscle of the body soothes, and pain melts away. Wedding Crasher leaves you physically relaxed as your body is overwhelmed with tingling emotions.


Its flavor is reminiscent of vanilla cake, with the basic undertones of earthy herbs and grapes. You might notice a few diesel fragrances.

The smooth vanilla flavor of Cake is matched by the fruity, jam-like quality of Purple Punch. The exhalation has a rather earthy note with a slight hint of fuel.


Ganja Express Wedding Crasher is also used for medical reasons. Most of them benefit from the calming influence of the hybrid on chronic pain and arthritis problems. It can also lift and euphorize the soul, making it ideal for dealing with exhaustion, panic, and mild depression.


The intensity of Wedding Crasher is reasonably mild. It’s not going to spike to pulse or panic. Dry eyes and the mouth of cotton are not uncommon after using this strain.

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