When it comes to figuring out what you need your cannabis to do, different strains have different effects. Such as the Cannabis Sativa, this is commonly known as hemp. It has been used in many cultures and has been in use for centuries. The online dispensary  Ganjaexpress   is known to provide best Sativa strain for medical purposes.


Traditional use of Sativa

The cannabis Sativa looks like a plant, and it has wide cornered leads; traditionally, these leaves were crushed and made into a paste for medicinal use. For ages, this strain has been used for;

  • Pains
  • Spasms
  • Asthma
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Depression

The medicinal use of Sativa is far more than explored. The online dispensary is known to grow and distribute these Sativa products for medical use.

Sativa in Palliative treatment

Many hybrid strains of Sativa are known to have higher CBD levels, and that is why these strains are used in chronic pain patients such as cancer treatments, neurological pains, etc. The Online Canadian Dispensary Ganjaexpress are known to supply sativa or hemp in different forms; you can purchase them in pre-roll form, as hemp oil, or even in edible form. It depends on what you are most comfortable with.

Top Ganja Express Sativa Strains

Though Indica strains are preferred by many due to their deep and full-body effects but if you get your hand on an organic and good quality Sativa strain from Ganjaexpress you might switch sides; here are a few strains to try;

  1. Kerosene

For the daredevils, this Sativa dominant strain is the best for elevating the mood, providing more focused work, and opening the user to more creative activity.

  1. Alice in Wonderland

A good pastime strain for euphoric effects and alleviation of mood; it increases happy hormones in the body that decreases stress.

  1. Jack Herer

A hybrid but yet a Sativa dominant strain that has both cerebral and bodily effects. Elevating the mood and relaxing the body all at once.


Cannabis Sativa strains have potent effects, and if you want to try sativa strains, go to Ganjaexpress right now and get your favourite sativa strain.

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