Grass life- Must Try CBD and Cannabinoid Products

Here’s a list of must try CBD and Cannabinoid products brought to you by Tales of Two Strains. Several people want to utilize the benefits of CBD and Cannabinoid without having the psychoactive effects cannabis brings along with it. Grass life houses one of the best collections of CBD and Cannabinoid products.

1- Faded Tinctures | CBD Tinctures

The faded tincture is a unique CBD extract that has no psychoactive effects on its users. This concentrate is considered to be highly ideal for individuals who need to use CBD for medicinal purposes. Each bottle consists of 99.3% pure organic Medium Chain Triglycerides and pure CBD as a base, making it a pioneer of CBD products housed at Grass life.

2- Liquid Gold

Grass life Liquid Gold Capsules offer a discreet and easy way to ingest CBD orally anytime. These capsules are ideal for daytime and nighttime usage both. This product is carefully crafted by Liquid Gold Products which is one of the most reputable CBD production company in the industry. Filled with medical benefits, this product is the best choice for consumers who wish to experience the effects of Cannabis without vaping or smoking. With a taste of light avocado accompanied by slight flavors of oil, this CBD product is highly beneficial in curing menstrual cramps, anxiety, chronic pain and much more.

3- Liquid Gold | THC Capsules | Sativa 10 mg (sold by pill)

Grass life Liquid Gold caps are a discreet and safe way to ingest medicinal cannabis. Top quality extracts are carefully hand selected to acquire broad cannabinoids, thus increasing the medical benefits. Professionally infused with organic coconut oil and encapsulated in non-GMO organic caps, these are excellent for the treatment of menstrual cramps, anxiety, chronic pain, and several other medical conditions. Alongside, these can be used as a very efficient immunity booster and used as a treatment for insomnia and severe anxiety. Users who wish to experience the effects of cannabis without vaping or smoking will be lucky to get their hands on this product.

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