HerbApproach dab pen is a device that is used to consume cannabis. It is a portable device for vaping. Dabs are a highly concentrated form of cannabis that has a variety of products like honeycomb, wax, shatter, hash oil, etc. Dabs pen is more like a vaporizer like e-cigarettes, but they are designed in a way to dab cannabis such as distillate, wax, and shatter. They are easier to carry and simple to use.

How does Dab Pen work?

A dab pen has three main components. The chamber, an atomizer to hold the concentrates, and the battery with a mouthpiece that helps in inhaling the vapor. When you put the dab into the atomizer, it heats the concentrates to a certain temperature and starts melting the ingredients that come out in the form of vapor. With a heat button, you can increase or decrease the temperature. There is also a power button that activates the HerbApproach pen’s battery.

Benefits of Dab Pen

Dab pens are convenient for you to carry wherever you go; they are light in weight. These are the following benefits of Dab Pen:

  • Rechargeable
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable
  • Compact & portable
  • Discrete
  • Easy to use

Best Dab pen in the Market

The best dab pen in the market is Puffco Plus. It has a coil-less ceramic bowl with three heat settings. It comes with a fingerprint-resistant coating. You can do its charging in a couple of minutes due to fast charging. It has a built-in carb cap that protects it and has a built-in extendable loading pool. HerbApproach has Sesh-mode functionality, it’s the best investment if you want to buy a reliable and good quality dab pen.

HerbApproach Dab pens can be found online as well on dispensaries. They are very popular nowadays. They come with the option of all kinds of strains. You can choose the strain of your choice.

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