With the recent legalization of cannabis products and the Covid-19 situation, the demand for Buy Weed Online cannabis dispensaries has skyrocketed. However, for those who are new to the world of cannabis or just to online dispensaries, deciding where to get your cannabis among the myriad of options out there can be a daunting task. This is why in this article we will be comparing two of Canada’s top online cannabis dispensaries: Serene Farms and Buy My Weed Online (BMWO).

First off, the products that both companies offer:

  • Cannabis flowers, the most basic of cannabis products and the cornerstone of any dispensary. Both Serene Farms and BMWO carry a selection of dried cannabis strains with Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid options, as well as a budget section.
  • Cannabis-infused edibles from famous edible makers in the industry. On top of providing a different high sensation, edibles are known to be a more discreet and healthy way to consume cannabis.
  • Cannabis extracts available in various forms such as tinctures, cannabis oils, shatter, hash, resin. Similar to cannabis flowers, these were made to provide customers some flexibility in how they want to incorporate cannabis into their lives.
  • Both Serene Farms and BMWO offers CBD products, for those who want to enjoy the myriad medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabinoid but does not want the psychoactive effects of THC.
  • Vape and cannabis accessories to provide everything you could need for an enjoyable, relaxing experience with cannabis products, either for medicinal or lifestyle purposes.

Serene Farms and BMWO both made a promise of quality and service to their customers. While BMWO is a veteran in the cannabis industry, Serene Farms, with their care and passion towards the customer, and pride in their authentic BC Bud, sits as a strong competitor. Serene Farms guarantees that all of their cannabis are hand-trimmed and meticulously slow cured to produce a smooth and flavorful smoke or vapor.

On each of their products, both Serene Farms and BMWO provide basic information such as the THC to CBD ratio and whether the strain used is Sativa or Indica or Hybrid. They both also provide a handy chart on the effect of the product such as level of creativity and relaxation, with BMWO’s chart going into slightly more detail, and both sites give a description of the taste profile and the experience of using the product. However, Serene Farms also details the history and origin of the cannabis strain used, which can prove valuable information for inquisitive consumers who want to learn more about their favorite strains and products.

Both companies offer a wide range of edibles with BMWO having a slight upper hand. Serene Farms carries products from Firebars, Firechews, Boost, Mota Infused Edibles, and Twisted Extract while BMWO features products from Adorable, Mary’s, Boost, Tetra, Bliss, and Twisted Extracts. On the concentrates side of the matter, Serene Farms offers diamond cannabis extracts, for those looking for a deeper, more acute high from their cannabis product, while BMWO does not.

For online dispensaries, the website is a major part of the customer experience. Overall, both the Serene Farms and BMWO sites are well designed, and navigating through both is intuitive, with the navigation bar and the search box easy to find. But while Serene Farms provide customers with a handy product filter on the sidebar to easily narrow down the products you are looking for by category, price, usage, and THC to CBD ratio, BMWO simply includes another navigation menu, which makes finding a specific product or type of product rather inconvenient. Moreover, BMWO’s products are listed in only one single page, with no option for sorting or filter, all of which are crucial features for an enjoyable user experience, and all of which the Serene Farms website does include. Additionally, the Serene Farms site comes with one other unique feature, that is their definition section which includes quick information on many industry terminologies and all the cannabis strains they offer, which may prove useful for those who are new to the world of cannabis products, as well as consumers who want to know as much as possible about the products offered before deciding to purchase.

Lastly, in terms of customer reward, BMWO does offer more promotions, but Serene Farms have two deals that are always in effect. First is their referral system, where for every other person you refer to with a link provided by Serene Farms, both you and the person receive a $10 discount off your next orders. Second is their amazing deal on shipping, where if your order is over $99, you will receive free shipping anywhere across Canada.

If this has piqued your interest, go to Buy Weed Online to experience for yourself what Serene Farms have to offer.

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