Grape God

May 2, 2020by bmwoadmin0

This cross between High Times Indica Cup winner God Bud and tasty Grapefruit, has won the attention at BMWO of most marijuana users as a relaxer, for those looking to have a peaceful sleep. This strain is a product of several hours of research and work by innovative breeders in the Next Generation Seed Company that can be found in the beautiful landscape of British Columbia. This strain is an indica-dominant which explains its bag appeal and remarkable visuals, as well as bold flavor. The praises that Grape God has received are not mistaken, as it has a THC of between 15%-25%, according to test results from the cannabis testing lab Analytical 360.

This strain at BMWO,  is best for nighttime use when you are just about to sleep. However, given its unique mix of THC and indica, it might take a struggle—more than two administration of doses to get a user high. The effects come gradually, making the whole body numb. This numbness eventually turns to a feeling of complete relaxation. Additionally, once in this relaxed state, user have also reported to have experienced escape of anxieties, pain, and paranoia. As opposed to other strains like the Head cheese, Grape God, does not affect a user’s cognition. It on the contrary makes users feel motivated to work on detailed projects even if they cannot in actual sense maintain focus for long. When it comes to its medicinal value, Grape God’s calming attributes have made it useful in the treatment of fibromyalgia and arthritis. Its emotional buzz also seems to have the power to alleviate PTSD and depression, that is common among our youth in this generation. It you had been losing your appetite, this is also product for you state. Finally, the effects of this strain, even though initially tough to achieve, last unusually longer.

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