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If British Columbia is known for its locally grown, top of the line cannabis across all of Online Dispensary Canada, then Vancouver Island stands as one of the province’s most passionate and ambitious community of growers and producers. And proudly embodying this sentiment is Vancouver Island based Mota Cannabis Infused Products.

Originally established to cater to a small group of patients the Mota teams knew as close friends, the company now carries a vast selection of cannabis products, each crafted with the same care and attention as if it were for a loved one. Mota‘s paradigm of hands-on quality and their emphasis on purity and consistency has set them apart from other providers as one of the top choices for BC and specifically Vancouver Island grown cannabis products.

Mota Cannabis Infused Products offers:

  • Cannabis flowers with over 30 different selections of dried Indica, Sativa, hybrid, and CBD dominant strains, including some popular names like organically grown Lemon Wookie and Gorilla Grips. Additionally, Mota also offers seeds from several popular strains. Flowers provided by Mota are guaranteed to be fresh, pure, and harvested at just the precise moment to provide the highest quality.
  • Cannabis infused edibles, with a diverse range of options, both in the choice of cannabis infusion, including CBD only, as well as in the choice of confection and flavor. Notable products include jellies, chocolate bars, vegan gluten-free candies, dried fruits, etc. Mota Cannabis’s edibles are sure to have just the perfect thing for you.
  • Cannabis beverages with offerings of various herbal teas, cocoa, and iced tea. Mota carries an assortment of THC and CBD teas, impeccably measured, and carefully blended to soothe and relax. Notably, they also offer a selection of magic mushroom tea for those looking for a different comfort. The already calming effect of tea combined with the medicinal effect of cannabis makes these the perfect choice for relaxation of mind and body.
  • Cannabis concentrates available in many different forms such as vape cartridge, hash, shatter, pens, etc. These come in many choices and strains and composition, but all are guaranteed to be made from only pure, high-quality natural cannabis. The versatility of these concentrates is sure to meet any need you may have.
  • Cannabis topical products, which strongly reflect Mota Cannabis’s origin as a resource for patients and close friends. With offerings such as lip balms, lotions, massage oils, and suppositories, Mota proudly wears its promise of passion in quality and comfort for patients on its sleeves.
  • Cannabis tinctures, with a selection of THC and CBD makeup, presents a way to easily and flexibly incorporate THC and CBD into your everyday life. These range from CBD only tinctures, to 1:1 ratio sleep assistant, to sprays. These carry with them the same promise of quality by Mota.
  • Cannabis capsules are a great new form of no-hassle alternative cannabis treatment. Sporting a selection of THC to CBD composition to fit your unique needs, including CBD only, the dosage of these capsules is exceptionally easy to measure and control.
  • The Phoenix Tears line of medicinal oils. Strictly following the recipe developed by cannabis forerunner Rick Simpson, these CBD only oils produced and sourced by Mota Cannabis, are a potent medicinal option for releasing various physical and mental discomfort.
  • CBD pet products are a breakthrough in the field of pet care, and Mota offers a selection of pain relief balms, tinctures, and treats to provide the quality of life and comfort that your pets deserve.

Every product offered by Mota Cannabis is crafted using ingredients proudly grown on Vancouver Island. Each strain of cannabis they offered is carefully chosen based on closely working with and connecting with their community of patients. Their growing process is carefully controlled to match each plant’s ideal genetic requirements, and this attentiveness extends to plants they sourced.

Mota Cannabis also put great emphasis on their extraction and infusion techniques, listening to feedback from their patients to continually improve and refine their processes. It is this passion in their work that has earned them their position as one of the top cannabis product providers in Vancouver Island.

More than just providing quality products, Mota seeks also to guide and inform their patients, as well as celebrate the usage of cannabis infused products in day to day life in an effort to clear the cloud of stigma still surrounding the use of this plant. With a dedicated blog section, readers can inform themselves and others through Mota’s official website.

Being an online service, purchasing from Mota Cannabis Infused Products is quick and easy. Each order will be discreetly packaged, and vacuum-sealed to protect the products as well as the buyer’s privacy. Mota also gives patients the option to create an account to make the purchasing experience faster and more convenient. Mota Cannabis products are offered by many reputable online dispensaries such as and and many more.

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