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BMWO Lemon Cake is a Sativa-dominant variant known as Lemon Cheesecake, merging the two familiar potent and popular strains. This Bud is a hybrid between Lemon Skunk and pungent staple cheese developed by Heavyweight Seeds, the European firm responsible for flavoring strains such as Fruit Punch. It offers a burst of Sativa energy, which leads to total relaxation.


When properly grown and cut, the lemon cake flowers are medium to huge in height. They are conically shaped, tapering off from the wide base of the stem to the short, pointed top. These buds stay together in a remarkably thin, piecey framework, with wispy leaves sticking out at sharp angles. The leaves themselves are mossy grey, distorted by rust-colored pistils. Finally, the “cake” in the name of this strain can, in effect, refer to a thick resin coating covering the inner and outer surfaces of the flowers.

Lemon Cake presents itself with a vivid lemon aroma squeezed by a tang that can remind certain parent strain Cheese consumers. There is also foundation musk of unmistakable skunk sounds. Grinding the bud often produces certain skunky smells. Once combusted, Lemon Cake introduces very offensive smoke to the lungs and sinuses, which causes coughing. This smoke can shockingly taste herbal on exhalation. Those that vape openly should note that this may be an incredibly poignant herb – after all, Skunk is on both sides of the outlines.

Lemon Cake is famous because of its outstanding performance. The high takes effect instantly, providing an increase of motivation as customers sense a sprinkling sensation across their eyes and temples. This running experience may also be a jittery feeling in the arms and legs. Mentally, smokers detect a rapid improvement in the style of the free association of sensations. Such an attitude of the brain may serve as a fun way of working on difficult job tasks or relaxing after typically tedious activities.

Lemon Cake is advised for usage from late afternoon to early night, so you can genuinely appreciate the slides from excitement to relaxation.


Many patients of medicinal cannabis will also benefit from the versatile effects of this strain. The early emphasis can make it easier for people with an attention disorder to work on essential tasks. Patients with mild to moderate tension and anxiety can also be motivated to focus their days more favorably.


This strain is an ideal option for those who need something quick and instant for their deep-seated pain aches as well as other mild irritations, such as headaches, stress. So why are you waiting now? Visit BMWO, one of the leading online dispensary, and order now Citrus Cake AAAA and start enjoying the outstanding performance and results.

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