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March 12, 2020by bmwoadmin0

For the average consumer contemplating buying cannabis from an online dispensary the huge range of options can be confusing.  Faced with the almost impossible task of deciding which dispensaries are reliable and then choosing which to order from, many consumers may simply give up.  This is even before they consider questions of reliability, security and safety.  

This article compares two well-known online dispensaries in order to help clarify some of these issues. Green Society is one of the most established sites of its kind in Canada and this article compares it to a newer online dispensary, Serene Farms.  The two sites are evaluated in terms of their safety, reliability, product range and price.   

Although there are a huge number of online dispensaries available in Canada a few have established a position as market leaders.  One of these is a Green Society, its popularity means it is likely to be recognised by many cannabis users. This article takes a look at Green Society and assesses whether it is a good choice for potential cannabis customers.  Green Society is judged in terms of its reliability, the products it offers and their price. To provide a little context, Geen Society is compared to another site, Serene Farms.


This head-to-head between Green Society and Serene Farms will hopefully provide you with a better idea of the particular advantages and disadvantages of these two sites and allow you to make a more informed choice. 


For potential cannabis buyers there are several factors that determine the suitability of an online dispensary.  These include safety and security, the range of products available, price, customer care, delivery and packaging.   These can be used to assess a website and make informed comparisons between competing dispensaries.  


When these criteria are used to compare Serene Farms and Green Society it is clear that Green Society’s reputation as one of the most prominent of Canada’s online dispensaries is well-earned.  Green Society scores well across the board. However, the assessment also reveals thatSerene Farms is also a good choice for anyone considering buying cannabis online.  


An evaluation of the two websites and online reviews reveals that for potential cannabis customers who reside in Canada both Green Society and Serene Farms are online dispensaries that are well worth investigating. Of course, Green Society has some particular strong points, but we can certainly recommend also checking out Serene Farms to see which dispensary best suits your needs.   

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