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Bruce Banner for Ganja Express

Bruce Banner, part of Ganja Express line-up,is a very potent strain of marijuana derives its name from an alter-ego in the famous superhero film, The Incredible Hulk that manifests as a big green monster. Having worked for more than a decade to come up with the best medical marijuana strains, it is no surprise that Delta 9 Labs were able to breed this strain. It was bred by crossing Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, producing this strain with high cannabinol Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels (as high as 28%). THC is an active component in Nabiximols which is an extract from marijuana with approved benefits as a botanical drug for those suffering from spasticity, neuropathic pain, and overactive bladder. Nabiximols, or as commonly known Sativex, is available as a prescription drug in the United Kingdom, as well as in Canada.
This strain is sativa dominant (only 40% indica but 60% sativa) and provides a powerful euphoric head high that is ideal for the management of depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Sativa is responsible for ‘head high’ and acts as an energizer for psychoactivity complexities, while indica, induces more ‘body high’ to help with pain relief (acts as a sedative). The Cannabidiol (CBD) levels of this strain stand at 0.05%. CBD is one of the several chemical compounds in cannabinoids category, just as with THC. It syntheses naturally within the marijuana plant, but unlike THC which is famous for its capability to get us high, CBD is a steadily growing as the best because of its capacity to deliver physical and mental simultaneously without the side effects like paranoia, giggles, or couch-lock. Apart from just relieving neural pain and anxiety, CBD extends the scope of complications that Bruce Banner can treat or manage, for instance insomnia, menstrual cramps, bowel inflammation, and seizures, bowel inflammation. Bruce Banner also has three types of phenotypes with varied medical benefits. vs GanjaExpress

Today Canadian consumers are spoiled with a wealth of online dispensaries, mail order marijuana sites, and brick and mortar shops. The last few years have seen a rapid increase in the number of dispensaries and this abundance of websites has increased choice for the customer but has likely also increased questions of where one should purchase from.  How do you know which online dispensary is the right one for you? Today we’ll help you by narrowing down the choices and comparing two different online dispensaries for you.
Online shopping is more popular than over, 87% of Canadians made an online purchase at some point last year. One of the reasons for the popularity is convenience, with our busy lives, it’s nice to have products delivered right to your door. With online shopping becoming the norm, concerns about security, reliability, and delivery are disspating as so many companies have worked to establish trust with consumers and provide quality goods on time and on budget.
However, when it comes to purchasing medicine online, specifically cannabis, many people are new to this method. After years of purchasing through local dealers, buying your weed online can feel like a big mystery. Cannabis products require special attention when it comes to purchasing online, important factors such as quality, security and delivery, and cost will all be covered in this article in order to make your online cannabis shopping experience smooth and enjoyable. (BMWO is an acronym for Buy My Weed Online) is a reputable well-known online dispensary likely to be recognised by many cannabis consumers. In this article we will analyze this popular site and evaluate it based on 5 different categories, reputation for reliability, product offering, quality, and price. We will be comparing against a competitor, online dispensary – GanjaExpress. vs Ganja Express: Factors to Consider
This head-to-head between and GanjaExpress should provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of both of these two sites to allow you to make an informed choice when it comes to ordering your cannabis products online.
Things to consider before purchasing cannabis products from an online dispensary or mail order marijuana site:
  • Safety and security.
  • Product range
  • Online presence and reputation
  • Price (including reward schemes and discounts)
  • Discretion
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • Assistance with deliveries
  • Cannabis-appropriate packaging
In order to evaluate the two websites side-by-side a number of criteria were established.  Using the two websites and online reviews these criteria can be used to make detailed comparisons.  Firstly, broad categories were used to demonstrate an overall picture of the two dispensaries.

Products sourced from high-quality producers
Free shipping
Exceptional value
24/7 customer support
Wide-range of products
Online support for customers
Intuitive website design
Variety of cannabis-based products
Referral programs
Coupon codes
Refer-a-friend promotions
Range of payment options



Looking at this summary, it is clear that can be seen as a possible alternative to GanjaExpress with having some advantages over GanjaExpress. Although GanjaExpress is more widely known, could prove to be a superior online dispensary. Let’s take a closer look at both online dispensaries products, websites, their prices and affiliated brands they carry.

Bulk flowers
CBD and CBD-infused products
Edible products
Vape pens, cartridges, batteries
Other accessories
Items in sale
Not currently in stock



This table compares the stock of each dispensary when broken down into the main categories of product. Note, stock changes daily. On a number of sections GanjaExpress scores highly, with a large range of Concentrates andAccessories.  In other sections scores well, specifically when it comes to edibles, sale items, and CBD product offering.
Shopping online can be a pleasurable experience or it can be a complete nightmare. What makes the difference is the ease of navigation of the website. Making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for is crucial. Online dispensaries should make it their goal to create an intuitive and organized site that enhances the online shopping experience.
Both and GanjaExpress have websites with clear visuals, clean design, and a easily navigable layout. has a professional feel but is not fussy, it’s simple with clear headings and categories. It is both easy to browse through the subsections and to search directly for a specific product.
For those new to buying weed from online dispensaries, GanjaExpress’ website also offers a comfortable online shopping experience.
Between the two online dispensaries, GanjaExpress has an overall larger inventory of products compared to, but how does it compare when it comes to price and value? Both online dispensaries are competitive on price. They both have sections dedicated to Sale Items and Special Offers and a range of low prices across the board, but also has a good selection of regular special offers and discounts for email subscribers and those who like their Facebook page.
Over the time period which the websites were evaluated, offered coupon codes 10% and sometimes as much as 40% off. But what sets is their budget buds. Because grows their own plants, they’re able to offer amazing deals and reduced prices directly to their customers. This is quite a unique feature and should interest many potential customers. When it was evaluated GanjaExpress had one discount for new customers of 10% off. Another thing that sets apart is their referral program, for those who like to share a good deal with friends and family, this is a fabulous way to make extra money.
Affiliated Vendors
When it comes to partners, suppliers, and vendors, is very transparent. All the brands they carry are clearly listed and include an “About” section on each brand as well. We find this handy if you’re shopping and come across a new brand, you don’t have to leave the page to do research, everything is right there in front of you. You want to know where your product is coming from and who is producing it, the more information included, the more trusting visitors will feel. GanjaExpress also mostly carries reputable brands but there are some which are unfortunately known to skimp on the quality of their cannabis extracts.
In Conclusion
Overall, both online dispensaries, Ganja Express and are both reputable when it comes to the mail order marijuana industry, each with their own strengths. We recommend that you view both to find the dispensary that suits you best!





This article compares two online dispensaries, Ganja Express and Serene Farms and examines both to highlight which is the best choice for customers looking for high-quality cannabis products online at the lowest prices.  The article can also be used as a guide for anyone interested in buying cannabis online and, as well as showing the relative merits of the two sites, may also make the whole online shopping experience a little less stressful.   

Ganja Express has grown rapidly to become one of the better known of the many new online dispensaries in Canada.  This article evaluates whether Ganja Express performs well enough to merit the high number of visitors currently flocking to its website.  Ganja Express is rated against a number of criteria, these include reliability, product range, customer service, shipping and, of course, the quality and price of its products.  How wellGanja Express performs in this evaluation is set against another online dispensary, Serene Farms. By comparing Ganja Express and Serene Farms this article should help give customers the information they need to make a more considered choice of online dispensary and serve as a guide for anyone looking to buy weed online.

In recent years online shopping has become an ordinary, everyday activity and a large proportion of Canadians have quickly grown used to ordering all manner of products from different websites.  All the while these changes were happening, another major change was occurring regarding the regulations associated with the sale and consumption of cannabis products.  

The result of these two simultaneous phenomena has been the emergence of a new kind of website – the online cannabis dispensary.  

For some this new area of e-commerce is viewed as an exciting new opportunity, but at the same time, many have greeted this new development with scepticism and even resistance.  For many potential consumers the idea of ordering weed by placing their bank details into a website is something just too unusual

To persuade these uncertain customers, online dispensaries need to persuade them that their websites work well, that they show the actual products they have for sale, that they operate their business transparently, they are safe, secure, legal and reliable.  

This article hopes to address some of these concerns and provide some guidance on the best way to choose an online dispensary.  Two potential options are assessed – Ganja Express and Serene Farms.  

Ganja Express has built up a loyal customer base and has begun to develop a brand name in this new marketplace.  As one of the more popular dispensaries which attracts many visitors to its site, Ganja Express is a good choice to evaluate the products, service and prices on offer.  Ganja Express is compared to another online dispensary, Serene Farms. Serene Farms is not as established as Ganja Express, however, it does attract many visitors due to its competitively priced selection of cannabis flowers.    

This article carefully compares these two online dispensaries and assesses which is the best option, in terms of safety, security, reliability, product range, shipping and price.  This should also act as a comprehensive guide on deciding which online dispensary suits your needs. 

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