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Whilst shopping online has become increasingly accepted as the norm and many Canadians search for items online everyday, the regulations regarding the consumption and sale of cannabis have also been dramatically changed.  It is, therefore, that these two new phenomena should come together with the rapid rise of the online dispensary.

When anything new emerges there is always likely to be a little trepidation.  Unsurprisingly, perhaps, many people feel nervous about purchasing cannabis online.  Before they can overcome their natural hesitation they need to address their particular concerns.  Some of the issues that prevent potential cannabis consumers from taking the plunge and buying online include a lack of certainty over which online dispensaries can be trusted, how they can be verified and whether customers receive the exact product they have paid for.

This article will help cannabis customers negotiate these tricky issues.  It provides a comprehensive review of two online dispensaries which should help readers make a more informed choice of which website they use to order cannabis.  

The two online dispensaries reviewed are Ganja Express and Serene Farms.  Ganja Express has developed a loyal following of cannabis enthusiasts and has built up a reputable brand name in this new marketplace.  In contrast, Serene Farms is a new name in Canada’s online dispensary scene. However, it is favored by an increasing number of shoppers who are searching for good quality cannabis products at exceptional prices.  

As well as comparing Ganja Express and Serene Farms this article also addresses many of the issues cannabis consumers are confronted with when they try to buy weed online.    

Toronto, March 19, 2020

This article puts Ganja Express up against another online dispensary, Serene Farms.  It critically assesses these two sites in order to find which is the best choice for anyone interested in buying weed online.  The article should also provide information that will help all customers to find weed at the best prices available and make their online shopping experience stress-free.  

Ganja Express is one of the leaders of that new group of online dispensaries that have suddenly shot up in Canada.  Generally speaking, Ganja Express has managed to build up a pretty good reputation. This article investigates whether this positive view is matched by the reality of its performance. It looks at a number of important areas, such as reliability, product range, shipping and price, to make an evidence-based assessment of Ganja Express.

Ganja Express is also compared against another website, Serene Farms.  Serene Farms might be best considered an up-and-coming online dispensary and this article examines how it performs against Ganja Express.  The intention is to help consumers to make more informed choices about which website can best meet their cannabis needs.

On first impressions both websites are easy to use and intuitive.  However, the way in which Ganja Express organizes categories of flowers can be a little confusing with the list switching from left to the right when customers go to the Shop Now section.  Serene Farms probably provides the most intuitive shopping experience, it also features a number of informative and educational articles that could be really useful for new cannabis users.

In terms of the number and range of products for sale, Serene Farms matches up very well against Ganja Express.  But perhaps the most noticeable difference concerns the question of price. Ganja Express has a coupon codes scheme, but Serene Farms buyers get regular discounts and very special prices for returning customers.  

Another clear distinction is that Serene Farms show their affiliated vendors, an action that is crucial to gain the trust of potential customers.  It also shows that many of their suppliers are some of the best-quality names in Canadian cannabis.

Both Ganja Express and Serene Farms have positive aspects and both can claim to provide a reliable and professional service to cannabis customers in Canada.  However, many customers are likely to pleasantly surprised at the products and prices available at Serene Farms. 

However, what might really attract customers towards Serene Farms is its prices.  Standard prices at Serene Farms are very competitive, but what really sets this site apart are the special offers.  Discounts mean that Serene Farms customers can receive 10% and even as much as 50% reductions on the standard rates.  

These prices mean that Serene Farms is likely to be a very interesting alternative for many cannabis customers. 

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