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Dealing with chronic pain? Aches? Anxiety? Sporting injury? Trouble sleeping? Overall or acute inflammation? For anyone looking for relief for any of these health ailments, Island Therapeutics and has a solution. Island Therapeutics offers a healthy alternative to consuming medicinal marijuana/cannabis, an effective, trial tested,  CBD transdermal patch. Depending on your dosage requirements, you can choose between a 20mg CBD option and a 40mg CBD option. Island Therapeutics patches are lab-tested to ensure customers always receive the highest quality with consistent and accurate dosing.  Island Therapeutics CBD patches are available to order from online dispensary, Ganja Express
Toronto, April 14, 2020
In the past few years, the popularity of medical cannabis has increased exponentially due to more studies and medical evidence as well as adoption by popular culture which has decreased the stigma surrounding cannabis consumption.  This positive for the industry has led to the development of the CBD Transdermal patch. Using proven technology that has been used for decades, Island Therapeutics has developed a Transdermal CBD patch that uses a topical application that enables the absorption of the cannabinoid directly into the bloodstream. The patch administers a steady dose of CBD into your system over a period of time, negating the “crash” that is associated with concentrated cannabis use. One of the main reasons medical cannabis users choose the transdermal patch over other methods of consumption such as smoking, edibles is because they are able to accurately regulate their dose of THC or CBD minus the self-control required to stop consuming delicious edibles treats. The CBD transdermal patch is also great for those who are limiting their sugar consumption due to health reasons such as diabetes or doctor-led dietary recommendations.  
Reputable companies, such as GanjaExpress have strict quality control guidelines when it comes to choosing their suppliers, Island Therapeutics was chosen for their passion for natural healing remedies and their reputation in the Canadian cannabis community. 
Island Therapeutic’s CBD patch has become one of most popular products with athletes and medical consumers because they offer a regulated, longer-lasting effect to ensure your pain is eased and inflammation is reduced over a longer period of time. This is an upside to using a patch and ensures that the CBD dosage is providing good value for your money.
CBD patches also offer a discreet and convenient way to consume CBD. No need for glass vials or a sugary delivery, they can be easily transported in your gym bag, pocket, or wallet and used at any time. Patches are a safe alternative to smoking and edibles, if sugar is a health concern for you.
Island Therapeutics is a cannabis brand based in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, well known for its rich relationship with the cannabis community. They are experts in producing cannabis products that are designed to improve your health and lifestyle and submit their products for lab testing – to ensure their range of CBD tinctures, transdermals and topicals are of the highest quality time after time. This is just a few of the reasons why has chosen to feature them in their inventory. is proud to offer both options of Island Therapeutics CBD Transdermal Patch: 20MG and 40MG. Both are effective in easing pain, relieving stress, reducing inflammation, easing pain, managing anxiety, insomnia and more.
Online dispensary and Island Therapeutics have worked closely with patients to help provide them with the best cannabis products on the market, with their goal being to increase quality of life and health of medical cannabis users.
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This article compares and Serene Farms and evaluates which of these two online dispensaries is the best choice for customers looking for high-quality cannabis products online at the lowest prices.  The article will also serve as a useful guide for anyone intending to buy cannabis online and hopefully make the whole online shopping experience less stressful. is one of the better known of the many new online dispensaries in Canada.  This article evaluates whether the performance of means it deserves all those hits to its website.  Cheap weed is judged in terms of its reliability, the product range it offers, the shipping and, of course, the quality and price of its products.  This rating is compared to another dispensary, Serene Farms. This comparison is intended to help inform customers and demonstrate how these can guide customers looking to buy weed online.


These days online shopping has become an everyday activity and a large percentage of Canadians think nothing of ordering a wide range of products from websites.  At the same time as this change has taken place, another, equally important transformation has occurred to the legislation surrounding the sale and consumption of cannabis products.  


It should be no surprise, therefore, that a new phenomenon has emerged – the online cannabis dispensary.  


As interesting as this new development may be, it has also been met with some understandable resistance from consumers who are uncertain about buying their weed from a website.  This is to be expected, bank details to order weed to your door seemed such an unlikely concept till only very recently.  


There are a number of obstacles online dispensaries need to overcome if they are going to attract large numbers of customers.  One of these is simply the huge number of competing dispensaries out there, new customers are faced with a bewildering choice and unable to make an informed decision over which is the best site to use.  When the whole marketplace is brand new, how do you make an informed decision on which dispensary to use?


This article seeks to solve that problem and provide clear guidance about how to select a site to buy cannabis.  It does this by evaluating two competing online dispensaries: and Serene Farms. has made a name as one of the more popular of the new dispensaries and brings in many visitors to its site.  This article assesses whether it is offering quality products, a good service and the prices are reasonable – Cheap Weed.  


It compares this to Serene Farms, a relatively new site that many people claim is a lower priced option than many of its rivals.  This article puts these two sites side-by-side and judges which is best in terms of security, reliability, product range, shipping and, naturally, price.

In doing so, this article will provide a clear guide on how to decide which online dispensary is best for you. 

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