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Therapeutic – CBD Transdermal Patch (20MG)

When it comes to the purchase of cannabis and medical marijuana, the methods of procuring and the variety of products have dramatically changed from just 10 years ago. Instead of calling up your local dealer and rolling and smoking a join, there are so many trusted online dispensaries that will deliver right to your door and so many methods of consumption to suit your lifestyle.

When making a decision to order from a Canadian Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) shop or online cannabis dispensary you want good customer service, quality of product and successful delivery, Ganja Express and Serene Farms are the online dispensaries at the top of our list.


Toronto, April 5, 2020: There are a lot of ways to consume CBD, orally, topically, inhaled, but CBD transdermal patches are easy, accurate and effective and they’re as simple as you can get!


Transdermal patches may be relatively new in the cannabis world but the technology is not. We more commonly see them used as nicotine or birth control patches. Using this proven medical technology ensures a transdermal patch can effectively deliver CBD to your bloodstream.

The gradual release of CBD extract enters the bloodstream after permeating all the layers of the skin to deliver your medicine efficiently, safely and discreetly. Different from inhaling cannabis, CBD patches offer consistent dosing, steadily releasing cannabinoids into your body over time vs a quick peak and drop off.


Many people use CBD patches for a number of different ailments, some include inhibiting growth in cancer cells, slow bacterial growth, treat psoriasis, preventing nervous system degeneration, reduce blood sugar levels, aiding in sleep, reducing seizures and convulsions, suppressing muscle spasms, relieving anxiety, reducing nausea and vomiting, stimulating appetite, decreasing pain and overall, reducing inflammation in the body. This is why Ganja Express took the time and research to provide you with the best medical option for your CBD consumption.


Please note, a CBD patch will not get you high. The patches have been specifically produced to minimize THC (the component that gets you high) while isolating the healing properties of CBD.


This brings us to the exciting news of Ganja Express’s new product launch, Island Therapeutics CBD Transdermal Patch (20MG). The perfect dosage to get you started for safe and effective use.


There are several places from where you can order cannabis products including this patch. Ganja Express as well as Serene Farms are two reliable online dispensaries/MoMs (Mail Order Marijuana) sites, will deliver you cheap weed, delicious edibles, cbd oils and transdermal patches right to your doorstep. Everything is cultivated fresh, discreetly packaged, and delivered all over Canada. For any details and queries, you may simply call on their 24/7 online support.


Both Ganja Express and Serene Farms are trusted online dispensaries and they’re our top picks when it comes to buying your CBD transdermal patches today.


About Ganja Express: Ganja Express is an online dispensary that sells a variety of products. From hand-picked marijuana to various edibles, you can find so many items in their store. Ganja Express and Serene Fams are online dispensaries that aim to provide you high-quality products at affordable prices.

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